How to use this course

Do the exercises. Seriously. You can't learn to code without coding.

Don't just copy-paste code. Try and write it on your own, looking up references when needed. This will help you remember syntax so you don't have to waste time with it later.

Google a lot. Read jargon-filled answer pages, even if you don't understand half of them. Just by practicing you'll start to pick up more.

Use the Java vocabulary. Lists are arrays. Variables have types. You must declare and initialize variables before using them. The more comfort you have with the vocabulary, the easier those jargon-filled pages will be to read.

Try the harder questions even if they seem scary or impossible. You'll learn a lot just by attempting, which is what you're here to do.

Don't let yourself get stuck and quit. If you're having a lot of trouble with an exercise, skip it. Don't be a perfectionist unless that helps you be more productive.